Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning at Patriot Carpet in Colorado Springs


Patriot’s nationally-certified professional carpet technicians use top-quality products to clean your carpets.  Do your carpets need an extra lift?  A power scrub on tougher-to-clean carpets will revitalize and lift the carpet fibers in heavy traffic areas.  Patriot’s experienced technicians and truck mounted steam cleaning equipment can tackle the toughest jobs.

Pet Damage and Restoration with Patriot Carpet in Colorado Springs

Pet Damage/Restoration

Pets are a cherished part of the family, but occasionally they make a mistake, leading to odors, stains, or even damage.  Let the professionals at Patriot help resolve your problems.  In the most severe cases, we can even replace part or all of your damaged padding and seal the sub-floor to fully block the most persistent odors.

Carpet Stretching by Patriot Carpet in Colorado Area


As carpet ages, it can become stretched or rippled, and can even become a tripping hazard. Professionals at Patriot offer both manual and power stretching to restore your carpet to the original, safe fit.

Stain Removal with Patriot Carpet in Colorado Springs

Stain Removal

Stains are a fact of life.  The professionals at Patriot can tackle your worst problems, including grease, oil, wax, wine, ink, coffee, and many other challenging stains.

Tile and Grout Cleaning from Patriot Carpet in Colorado Area

Tile and Grout

Porous surfaces naturally attract dirt and bacteria.  Over time, grime builds up, discoloring stone and grout.  Patriot will steam clean and sanitize your bathroom and kitchen tile and grout, returning these surfaces to their natural beauty.

Air Duct Cleaning byt Patriot Carpet in Colorado Area

Air Ducts

Air ducts are often neglected, but are vitally important for your family’s well-being.  Circulating air contains dust, dirt, pollen, and animal dander that accumulates in your air ducts.  Patriot’s experts will clean your air ducts to eliminate these dangers.

Seam Repair and Patches from Patriot Carpet in Colorado

Seam Repair / Patches

Patriot’s certified technicians have the experience to repair your seams, patch those cigarette burns and stains that sometimes just won’t come out, replace tack strips, or install new transition strips between carpets and other surfaces.  Patriot can make your carpet look great again.

Upholstery Cleaning Service from Patriot Carpet in the Colorado Area


Your upholstered furniture is a natural collector of oils from your skin, pet fur, dust, pollen, and other environmental particles.  Soiling will occur no matter how careful you are.  Patriot will renew the beauty of your upholstered furniture, and make sure it’s as fresh as your newly cleaned carpet.

Dryer Vent Cleaning from Patriot Carpet in Colorado

Dryer Duct

You ensure your dryer is free of lint between every load.  But your dryer’s efficiency depends on how clean your dryer duct is.  Dirt and lint accumulate inside your dryer duct over time, causing the dryer to work harder, longer, and still not completely dry your clothes. This gradual collection of lint is a fire hazard!  Patriot can clean your dryer duct to restore efficiency, and eliminate that potential fire danger.